5 Steps to Embodying Your Femininity

Download Your Free Guide, Created for Female Change Makers Who Are Ready to Truly Live Their Full Potential for Phenomenal Impact


5 Steps to Embodying Your Femininity

Download Your Free Guide, Created for Female Change Makers Who Are Ready to Truly Live Their Full Potential for Phenomenal Impact

Get immediate access to embodying your innate femininity, living in the present and connecting to your body, and step into the powerful change-maker that you were put on this planet to be.⁣


  • Discover irresistible authenticity, so you can show up as who you truly are
  • Be a stand for unquestionable integrity and be the change maker who others aspire to become
  • Radiate contagious confidence while being true to yourself and operating from your beliefs
  • Access unshakeable resilience even when the universe presents you with challenges
  • Enjoy soul-deep pleasure and harness your feminine power at home as well as in business

When you harness your Sabrosura (your innate sensuality) and embody your femininity (your inner female wisdom), everything around you begins to shift. 

  • You show up to meetings and events with more commanding presence.
  • You handle challenging situations with a natural ease.
  • You navigate intimate relationships with tender grace.
  • You remain grounded in flow as you move throughout your day.
  • You connect more deeply with your body and begin to trust your intuition.

When you embody your femininity, you develop the kind of enviable confidence that inspires and influences others.

  • If you feel like you have to mask your feminine energy at work…
  • If you believe you can't bring your softness and vulnerability into all of your relationships...
  • If you have patterns that prevent you from stepping into the fullest expression of yourself…

Then you are missing one or more of these five key feminine energies in your life.






When you embody the Sabrosura, you gain more emotional space to respond rather than react, which not only strengthens relationships and deepens trust, you begin to transform into the phenomenal change-maker you were put on this planet to be.

So, how do you tap into the Sabrosura to become a more authentic change-maker with infinite confidence and a mesmerizing presence?

Inside this impactful guide designed specifically for change-makers, professionals, coaches, and executives, you’ll discover five steps to align your somatic body with your cognitive mind so you can present yourself as a powerful leader.

This is only for those who …

  • Are ready to connect with - and heal - their female lineage.
  • Want to be fully present rather than always thinking of what is next and/or worrying too much about what others think of them.
  • Wish to push themselves to their full potential, feel real growth, and increase their optimal performance.
  • Wish to possess a high self-confidence and self-worth rather than criticizing themselves and being their worst enemy. 
  • Desire to step into the next level of higher management or have greater impact in their business, and/or via their public speaking, impacting so many more people in a short period of time.

We need brilliant dynamic women like you to show up for your purpose-driven life by showing up for yourself FIRST.

This guide shows you how.


I’m passionate about helping people realign to their core and live a life of embodied presence, deep connection, and phenomenal impact. 

I experience so many people absent from their bodies, disconnected from themselves, burnt out, exhausted, feeling limited or stuck, capable of more, or women self-criticizing and bringing their own confidence down - all coming from areas in their lives where they have a Somatic Imprint passed on to them from past generations preventing them from performing at a higher level and reaching their full potential.   

I have made it my life's purpose to help more people who want to take that area in their lives, where they feel blocked, and not seeing the results they truly deserve, and not only help them release what is holding them back but unleash the powerful and magnificent change-maker they were put on this planet to be. 


  • Real insights on living in the present, connecting to your body, and tapping into your sensual feminine energy so you can have greater impact.
  • 6 videos that open somatic awareness for clarity and intention so you have a clear path to achieving this integrated approach to feminine power.
  • Map of the important steps to take in order to embody your femininity - discover irresistible authenticity, radiate enviable confidence, and enjoy soul-deep pleasure.


"Being a  surgical doctor... the pace of life just constantly increases, and the private time shrinks. Great responsibility, extra special attention that produces considerable pressure.

Working with Chen I experienced somatic softening and an expansion of my emotional ability to contain – emotional softening. My patients can attest to this. Replacing some of the adrenaline with endorphins with the help of Chen’s method, contributed to the reduction of my stress – both physical and mental – and led me to a better, more professional and emotional place."


"You want to be successful personally and professionally. Chen Lizra avoids the pitfalls of business skills and techniques and instead takes you to the heart of the matter: the human factor. Your relationship with yourself and your body, your relationships with others.

The body, our primary home, is where we learn to love, trust, and act. Chen brings you home, and restores connection. Then she unleashes your confidence, the bridge to relationships. Emboldened and unstoppable, you take off for your highest reach. Her approach is deceptively simple, like all allegories that touch on archetypal stories. I attended Chen’s workshop in New York, Odysseus came to mind, our quest for home and journey."


You are a change maker…